Gold and Goblins: Idle Merge

We’d like to express our gratitude for the fantastic quality of production your team has provided us with. Not only the quality of creatives is astonishing, but the results have also exceeded all expectations. Seeing the boost in UA that your creatives gave us is incredible. The top creative with the harvester mechanic is still doing numbers, even more than a year after its release. Moreover, we are incredibly inspired by the ideas that you came up with so fast. Thank you so much for the collaboration, you are a really priceless partner!
Elizaveta Khilkovskaya, producer, AppQuantum

The first frame of this creative has all the essentials: resource collecting and production improvement with the proceeds.

This fully correlates with game mechanics, although in a slightly modified form. The loot is exaggerated to ease a user’s perception. The process of mining improvement is simplified for the same reason. This ad creative also has all the main triggers for the target audience: efficiency, loot improvements, and striving for new levels of complexity.

The upgrade in this creative was majorly exaggerated which considerably eased the collection of the resource. This creative continues the idea of the previous ad approach, slightly refreshing it.

We attract an audience inclined to achieve goals by letting showing them through ads that the game allows them to upgrade to an incredibly efficient level.

Also, at the end of the creative, we show a variety of levels and a super-goal which hypothetically also becomes a trigger for this kind of audience.

A strong trigger for an audience with a high LTV is the goal itself and the way to its achievement.

Everything in this creative is clear from the very first seconds, so the whole task fits in one frame. This also allows a player to develop their strategy for moving around the playing field which is which is equivalent to game mechanics.

Additionally, it should be noted that showing an obvious mistake at the end of the video is a firm accelerator that encourages a user’s action.

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