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2D animation ads can deliver lots of relevant information in creative, engaging, and effective ways – at least, if they are produced right. We use an engaging mix of color, motion and flat graphics to bring an idea to life. We have the best 2D Animation tools and skilled 2D Animators to design unique creatives.
UGC stands for User-generated content — we specialize in UGC-like ad creatives production. Сontent like this is way more catchy and trustworthy than branded ads. This type of ad content includes traditional live action footage with influencers or actors. Get top-trended ideas from our creative team, add footage from relevant influencers or models, and receive high performance.
Playable ads allow users to play a quick interactive demo of your game. This interactive, consumerfirst ad format is designed to capture a mobile user’s time and attention in a positive way. With increasing distribution and scale, playables are of value to all parties.

our cases

Pocket Champs: 3D Racing Games
Idle Lumber Empire
Gold and Goblins: Idle Merge

our benefits

300+ designers

We have an extensive outsource team of more than 300 designers producing different complexity creatives of different difficulty levels.

Fixed cost

We are offering you a pack of great creatives for a fixed cost.

Highly experienced team

We have a highly experienced team of inhouse creative managers constantly generate ideas that work and project managers who always coordinate all processes.

of all styles
  • 2D / 3D animation creatives;
  • UGC-like ad videos with influencers;
  • Static creatives and banners;
  • Playable ads Adaptation, resizing etc.

our process

Share your best performing materials. We will analyze your campaign objectives and existing creative assets.
Test various ad elements iteratively, such as headlines, copy, images, and targeting, to find the most effective combination that meets campaign goals and drives desired actions.
All the production and position are also on us.
Idea generation
Using the collected data we generate ideas for future creatives
High performance
You get great metrics and high performance.

creative testing

On your own
You can test creatives on your own — we only need access to your analytics and ad accounts to tie our creatives to your campaign performance.
By our team
We can also offer to do creatives testing for you
Creatives testing on ad spend about $50-100; Basic ad tuning for verticals; Once we receive the IPM target, we’ll send you the creative.
Arrange a call with one of our experts who will explain you in detail how we work and choose the right service personally for you.
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2D video ads
2D video ads


2D video ads
video cutting & editing of raw gameplay
reworking and/or adapting projects
implementing changes into finished video
15-30 sec
$ pricing starts from
simple video up to 30 sec
1-2 scenes
1-2 characters
$ pricing starts from
complicated video up to 30 sec
2 or more characters
interface animation
several scenes
gameplay simulation
1 200
$ pricing starts from
3D video ads
simple video up to 20-30 sec
1-3 scenes
1-2 characters
$ pricing starts from
complicated video: 3 or more characters
interface animation
several scenes
gameplay simulation
2 000
$ pricing starts from
User generated content
video review from 1 influencer
editing + packshot
$ pricing starts from
more than 1 unfluencer involved
editing & special effects
staged scene
$ pricing starts from
Playable content
simple mechanics
$ pricing starts from
complicated mechanics
2 000
$ pricing starts from
Ad creatives
ad creatives
made out of accets or stock materials
$ pricing starts from
drawn by a designer
$ pricing starts from

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Ad creative can describe your product in a matter of seconds. And we can help you do this efficiently. Get in touch with us!

let’s talk

Ad creative can describe your product in a matter of seconds. And we can help you do this efficiently. Get in touch with us!