Idle Lumber Empire

Even though we work with AdQuantum for quite a while, their expert team never stops surprising us. Careful analysis of fresh ad creative trends, fast execution, high quality in any quantity - that's what sets them apart as a partner. Results achieved on Idle Lumber Empire within the shortest possible time is a good proof of that.
Game Veterans

The unlimited availability of resources and the desire to better optimize the process are strong motivators for the target audience. These triggers are also accompanied by perspective and dynamics.

The creative offers users the opportunity to profit from every action, implying that with proper management efforts, significant progress can be achieved.

Splitting the creative into two scenes gives users an idea of the variety of gameplay processes.


The main idea of this creative is showcased in the first frame. The game mechanics are also equivalent to the gameplay process: collecting resources and upgrading them in a timely manner will help you achieve your goals.

The ad features various levels of complexity and obstacles, such as inaccessible trees, which motivate the target audience and demonstrate a step-by-step development in the game.

A very strong trigger is the obvious problem in the first frame. It’s exaggerated in the next frame. All of this serves as a motivator for the target audience, along with a variety of tools and options for solving the problem. 

The mechanics of setting up production are analogous to gameplay mechanics. The emergence of new difficulties strengthens the creative and increases user retention.

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